Welcome to my World. Hi, I am AL Maruf Mridha from Bangladesh completed BSc in Computer Science Engineering. I am a Small Digital Marketer learner, Natural, Hilsa fish & Spice lover. I love to share varies thing on my website especially I love nature. If you understand naturally you are welcome to my website I am really searching you, here no show-off. I am natural-minded always keep me naturally I don’t know how to convert how to talk with others how to acting. I am learner every moment learning how to combine with others, help me to learn. Everyone can be a movie with their own life but can not live with movies. Life moves at its speed. Life does not have to be complicated to think of life as serious. Life is like to enjoy it. Dreams inspire a person to stay alive, the dream is also seen on the inside of the circle. Stay in the house of dreams.I’m a bit crazy, very lazy, an emotional person in nature. Love to read stories, write stories. Leisure time I passing with Blog, Google, YouTube, wiki, etc. I never run Facebook but Facebook runs me. I am not still aware of my goal today. I was unable to speak for the first six years since my birth. I learned my life best thing from speechless time. Life best element that creates a man maturity life like walking, swimming, writing I learned this from my speechless time by the grace of almighty. I believe that every person is born with a certain number of words, and when he finishes he dies or becomes stunned. It is necessary to calculate everything, humanity comes out in words, and in some words, the nation becomes ashamed, in some words people die and in some words bring the world to the path of light.I’m so messy That’s why I was dumb for six years. Otherwise, the fate of the story would have ended ohh good luck. I wish I could work with telefilm and documentary. if possible I will be done. I like to represent my country global market as a digital marketer Lerner.

Research Interest:

Digital Marketing, Brand Promoting, Data Analysis, Content development, SEO, Social Trading, Stories, Webisodes, Social Experiment, Hilsha blogging, Documentary & lot of informative things.


Searching, Travelling, eating, Reading Books, and Writing Blogs.


 BACCO, SEIP,Basic Students Forum, Celltron Electro Media, Firefly Events, Prothom Alo Boundhu Sova etc.

Social Activities :

Fun Club Of Miar Hat, Sondani Blood Donation, Ex-Students Forum Miar Hat High School,  Akotha Drama Team  Etc.


Search Engine Optimization (SEO) aims to increase the traffic and visibility to your website by achieving higher rankings in search engine results. In the internet market place, most of the competitor wants to rank their website on 1st-page search engine result. So you need to make improvements your website and this is the process of the search engine optimization. And it refers to ensuring that it is attractive to the search engines like the google, bing, yahoo & another search engine. For the search engine optimization need work on-site content and off-site web presence. The search engine friendly website is the more likely and it’s appearing the higher position in the organic search results for the selected keyword. We provide a service for Search Engine Optimization (SEO).


Social media is one of the bigger trends of decennial. With over the couple of billion social media users involved with Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus, Youtube and more. Nowadays the social media platforms are an amazing channel for fascinating your consumers. Social media marketing services can help you drive traffic to your social media pages like Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus, then traffic sends to your website, and increase your business. Social media is now too much helpful for digital marketing strategy, connecting you with the communities you want to reach and making you look cool doing it.


Online marketing strategies may also include email marketing strategy. For the businesses use this tool to reach out to current customers by sending the promotional offer, newsletters, coupons or any other informational emails. And you can also encourage new customers to sign up for your newsletter. And send them important mailing from you to learn more information about the products or services that you provide.

Amazon Affiliate   Marketing :

Love to Learn to find out  those questions

Finding Affiliate Programs
Payment Methods- How to Withdraw Money
Start Your Affiliate Marketing Business
What is Affiliate Marketing? How it works

Finding The Best Topic/ Industry
How to Find the Perfect Topic
Which topics have the best and most profitable affiliate programs
What is keyword and how to find them?
Google keyword research tool
What is Google trend and how to use it?

Finalize your goal

Your Affiliate Marketing Website Setup:

Affiliate Marketing Website Samples
 What is Domain Hosting
 Get a domain and a hosting plan
What is WordPress and why is it best for your business
 How to install WordPress software
WordPress Basics
Setup your Affiliate marketing website (1)
Setup your Affiliate marketing website (2)
Create About Us, Terms, Privacy Policy, Contact Us Pages
 Create About Us, Terms, Privacy Policy, Contact Us Pages
Join Affiliate Programs
Publish your first post containing affiliate links banners (1)
 Publish your first post containing affiliate links banners (2)

 On-Page SEO:

What is on-page SEO
Setup & Configure the Yoast SEO plugin
 Setup Webmaster Tools
Setup focus Keyword

 Off-Page SEO:

What is off-page SEO
What Google search engine expects from you to give you the TOP ranks
Building high-quality backlinks like a pro (1)
Building high-quality backlinks like a pro (2)

 Complete Email Marketing:

What is email marketing and an introduction of email marketing tools
Setup the best email marketing tool MailChimp
Create your first professional email template
How to setup email marketing for completely FREE

 YouTube Strategy:

YouTube Basics
How to use YouTube for affiliate marketing business

What is copyright and how to avoid copyright issues
What are MIT CC and GPL licenses
How to Find Free and Premium resources for your business

 Social Media Marketing

What is social media marketing

Extra Powerful Ways To Get The No:1 Ranking Fast:

Importance of releasing Freebies
User-generated content and why it’s so important
Importance of community Forum Integration

Make Passive Income By Selling Your Online Business Or Website

What is Flippa and how it works
 How I made $10000 on Flippa with my affiliate website
How to sell your online business or website
Updated Version

 Digital Product Niche Affiliate:

 ThemeForest Marketplace
 Creative Marketplace
 TemplateMonster Marketplace
 MyThemeShop Marketplace
Hosting Affiliate Overview
 What is the niche site?
 What does mean by authority site?
 How to choose a niche + market research
 How to research competitor?
 How to find content ideas to write?
How to research and check competitor backlinks?
Best ways to automatically create high-quality backlinks – the real-life project with proof
How to remove bad/low-quality backlinks from Google indexing?

Google Adsense & Other Income Ways Through A Website:

Google Adsense
Sponsorship from companies – Sponsor post and banner adds
Selling your own products or services

 Tips And Tricks:

Choosing domain name tips
 How to get your Payoneer master card and alternative options
How many affiliate program you can join with one website?
English writing improvement guidelines and tools
 How to become a professional content writer?
 Build & teach your team for faster success
 How much investment required for affiliate marketing business?
What is A/B or split testing & how to do it with content?
What is lead generation and how to do it with proof?
Use full resources suggestions for affiliate marketing
How to use Snappa graphic design tool? – No design skill required

Best hosting server for affiliate marketing business
Join the community and support

How To Develop Professional Websites For Clients- No Coding Skill Require:

What is WordPress?
Why millions of companies are using WordPress?What jobs you can do with WordPress?
 Importance of creating your own portfolio website
What should you charge to clients as a web developer?
Best sites to find premium WordPress themes and plugins
Understanding theme and plugin licensing – Single site vs Developer license vs Recurring subscriptionsBest sites to find stockphotos and graphics for your or your clients business
Let’s kick start
What is Xampp & Wamp Servers? Install Xampp and Configure with the best settings
 Install WordPress on localhost or local server
WordPress dashboard overview
How does WordPress post work?
What is WordPress Media? How did WordPress pages work?
WordPress comment systems
WordPress appearance options
Let’s learn WordPress plugin infrastructure
How did WordPress user role work?
How did WordPress tools work?
WordPress setting option explained
Let’s install a powerful premium theme and demo
Difference between WordPress child-parent theme & how they work?
What are custom fields/theme options & how they work?
Difference between custom field and theme options
What is WordPress page builders & how they work?
Primary concepts of WordPress page builders
Primary concepts of WordPress slider plugins & how they work with page builder?

WordPress page builder elements part 1
WordPress page builder elements part 2
WordPress page builder elements part 3
Install WordPress on live server on a domain
Let’s install another premium theme demo
Overview of the newly installed premium theme
Let’s learn again how to customize the new demo
WooCommerce introduction – E-commerce software
Installing WooCommerce and understanding its infrastructure
Let’s learn uploading products and inventory management system
Understanding Shop, Cart, Checkout and My Account pages user flow
Payment gateway explained – 2checkout – Stripe – Fastspring – Paypal – Braintree – Oscommerce
Let’s install a powerful WooCommerce theme & learn how to customize
Best security practice for WordPress website
How to setup multiple domains or websites in one server?
How to speed up WordPress websites?

How to setup MaxCDN service for making WordPress sites blazing fast?
How to the backup entire WordPress site?
Join the community and why it’s so important?
Guidelines on selling content writing and WordPress services on Fiverr marketplace


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