In My life thousand hours of times, I contribute myself with a lot of online platform as a learner to create myself a new way. And those work I did for mind happiness purpose also learning from here a lot of things that finally make my pure assist of goal.


You can feel free include your work myself I will contribute myself  as a learner.

Some List Of My Contribute Link:

  1. Blogger at AL Maruf Mridha
  2. Informative  Natural Video Creator at AL Maruf Mridha
  3. Regularly Writing My feeling at blogger as AL Maruf Mridha.
  4. Brand Manager Talukder Software Ltd.
  5. Brand Manager Natural Real Estate Ltd. 
  6. Video Creator at ” BDKids” Makes  your child better easy know the basic learning
  7. An upcoming project  makes an online free learning platform for villager from ” MridhaIT
  8. Dhaka Flat For Rent Management project contributors
  9. Regular active member at Quora Form 
  10. Regularly work for  service a safer and more positive place for everyone
  11. Working as a member of the platform  “Digital Skills for Bangladesh “ .
  12. Academia for Edu Regular Larner AL Maruf Mridha
  13. Freelancer Script Writer Dikdorpon দিকদর্পন
  14.  Being Part with Historical Feature writer at  “গাজীপুরের কথা”  Online news porter writing the series  “ভাওয়ালের ধারাবাহিক সিরিজ
  15. Being Part With Feature Writer at “ পাবনার সমাচার” Online news portal.
  16. Freelancer Content writer Being Part With Feature Writer at “ নওগাঁ দর্পন
  17. Freelancer Feature Writer Being Part with ” আমার রাজশাহী
  18. Wikipedia contributor makes the Bangla language more powerful
  19. Contributors with “Google Local Guiders  Map” s  Make easier explore Bangladesh
  20. Flicker Contributors AL Maruf Mridha 
  21. Being Part with the as social worker at  “FUN CLUB OF MIARHAT
  22. Video Content Creator FCB
  23. Blogger at Belkooni
  24. Freelancer Presentation Maker at Fiverr
  25. Freelancer Video & Script Writer at Online Freelancer Marketplaces
  26. Contributor Bangladesh Cricket Info  
  27. Content Creator Miar Hat , Kalkini Madaripur
  28. Blogger id
  29. Bangladesh association Of Call center BACCO 
  30. Workplace Skills Development Academy Newzealand WSDA