Project  Rent Management for Home By AL Maruf Mridha & Habibullah Hemon Supervised by Md. Shohidul Islam Sir 

Over the years property managers have had a problem in maintaining and managing their customers and their own records. Data increase day to day. Storing and maintaining all data manually is very difficult. Currently, most property managers use the manual system in recording and maintaining their property and customers data. In a manual way, data is recorded on books or papers which may easily get damaged leading to loss of data. Potential of data loss or damage is very high because data is stored on tangible files. Lack of these crucial requirements makes the management of the tenants and houses very difficult as some tenants may end up not paying rent.

The object of the Research: 
● To develop a rental flat management system that allows the user to view the customer’s
data as well as houses record.
● To develop a system that allows the users to add, edit, search and delete data from the
● To study and analyze the requirement specifications of the rental flat booking system.
● To produce the Software Requirement Specification of the system.

The Apartment Rental Management System (ARMS) is a web-based application that allows visitors to check rental flat availability, to rent an apartment and to pay the apartment fare by using online. This system is established for all the users after gaining access from the administrator. In this system, a collection of apartments are included for rent where renters can choose his/her desired apartment. The admin of the system confirm all booking and provide the confirmation to the house owner. The users can manage all information about the apartment, flat details, flat quality, and availability. ARMS manage the location of the apartment and confirm the booking. Register users can upload their apartment and can easily communicate with customers. It also manages the updating of all the objects.

ARMS also contains detailed information about the customers & house owners, who have been rent apartment from the available apartment and what are the number of the apartment are booked. It also contains the details of the booking date and time of the customers. The main objective of this project is to provide better work efficiency, security, accuracy, reliability, and feasibility. If the error would occur, it could be reduced to nil and working conditions can be improved. It also comprises easy management of booking, flat availability, maintenance of information like scheduling and details of each apartment and different types of inquiry which need an instant and quick rent.

Contents: Rent Management for Home : 

1. Problem Statement
2. Object of the Research
3. Approach
4. Requirement
5. Progression Timeline
6. Reference

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Project Name:  Rent Management for Home 

By AL Maruf Mridha & Habibullah Hemon.

Supervised by Md. Shohidul Islam Sir