1.IT Officer (01 September 2019 – Running)

Company Location: Motijheel, Dhaka

Department: IT

Duties: Support company IT-related service, Digital Marketing Strategy Planning, and Handover all of the action.

2. News Compiler & Script Writer ( November 1, 2018 – 1 March 2019)

Company Name: Celltron Electro Manufacturing Services 

Company Location: Gulshan-2

Department: Writing


     Reading news articles on various topics like politics, business, world, technology, startups and innovation from several news publishers. Writing summaries that include important facts about the story that gives the reader full perspective of the story from several sides Link relevant tweets, articles, and videos to the story. After gaining expertise assigned responsibility for reviewing content written by colleagues before publishing it.

3. Digital Marketing SEO ( April 12, 2017 – May 1, 2018)

       Company Name Talukder Software Ltd.

AL Maruf Mridha at Talukdersoftwer 

        Company Location: Mohammadpur, Dhaka

       Department: SEO


For Amazon Affiliate Marketing first market research then Searching niche related content create niche related idea than writing unique product review article also writing guest post forum post social media etc article.